Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cavs and Spurs

Went to my first NBA game last night. My friend, Ron, got us a couple of free tickets to go last night. They were good seats, but would never have paid the $60 face value for them. So it was cool I got to experience something I would not have otherwise.

We left right after work and drove (well Ron drove, I rode) for 2 hours through the snow to see the game. The first 3 quarters were a little slow, but it was a close game most of the time. The Cavs came back to tie it up with 12 seconds left only to leave Tim Duncan (in Ron's words) "wide wide wide open", to make a game winner at the buzzer.

LeBron had a mediocre game for him. But it was pretty exciting and glad I got to go. I spent most of the time taking pictures and will try to post a few in the day or so. Thanks Ron!!

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