Tuesday, March 08, 2005

They cheated

Well I said I would not mention the bowling again if we lost, but we did, but they cheated. Okay so they didn't technically cheat. They just failed to mention that two of the girls use to league bowl. The one who scored the highest even had her own ball with her. She scored a 224 and the other one scored a 198. I did manage to score the highest score on my team the first game with a 140. Then on the second game I had the highest overall from both teams with a 182. We only lost by a total of 15 points on the second game. My boss was there and we were down by 17 on his last frame. So since we lost by 15 you can probably guess that he knocked all of two pins down.

But we had a lot of fun. There was a couple of people there who it was only their second time bowling. It was fun to see them get strikes and do pretty well. (for their second time bowling.) Just our two teams from work raised almost $500 for BBBS. By far the most raised there by any group, so we were glad we decided to do it.

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