Saturday, July 28, 2007

My collection of cups

I wasn't sure what to name this collection. Cups, mugs, steins? I went with cups, but as you can see it varies. Most of them are used for drinking either ice tea or hot tea. Since I posted my new favorite drink yesterday I thought I would make a series of posts of my favorite things. The next one was going to be my favorite "cup" This first one below. But then I realized I have this collection most of which sit on a shelf in my office and are rarely seen. So I may get back to the series of my favorites, but for now I am going to start a series of things that I display in my office that are rarely seen. Starting with my "cup" collection.

This one I bought at the
Ohio Renaissance Festival last year.

This one if you had really good eyes could see
I bought this one at the
Maryland Renaissance Festival in 1998.

This one was a gift from Lee, one of my best friends,
for being best man in his wedding.

This one was made by another one of my friends Pat.

I received this one and the below in a box set for Christmas one year.

And this one is definitely my favorite for my hot tea.
It was bought for me in England by Lee when he was over there.

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Favorite Drink

Cannot beat it for the money!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Ball Park - Wrigley Field

So my friend Ron calls me on Tuesday and says...what are you doing on Friday? Want to go to Chicago? Of go to my fourth ballpark that i have not been to before...

Me in front of the famous Cubs Marquee.

A beautiful day and ballpark

The old scoreboard with a little update.

As my in front of the scoreboard

Jim Belushi showed up to throw the first pitch...

and sing during the 7th inning was a great day!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Father's Day

O.K., so I am a bit behind in blogging. For Father's Day weekend we all went out to Kansas City to visit my college roommate and best friend Bubba. (Real name Roy) I was hoping to see a couple of other friends too, but that just didn't work out. Mainly b/c one of them never got back to hem..G!!!

So here is my and Bubba's family outside the Royals' and Chiefs' stadium getting ready to go in and watch the Royals and Marlins. Our wives our behind the cameras.

Here are some pictures of around this beautiful ball park.

Me and my girls and Bubba's oldest. It was the first MLB game for all 3 girls.

Ella and Anna both enjoying their first ball park hot dog.

And as my tradition, my picture in front of the score board.
It was a great Father's Day!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007