Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Good Day

Yesterday was a really good day. Up early and out to Honey Run Park to work on the trail out Leadership Knox group is working on. We finished the bridge, carried the wood for the bench up the hill and put that together as well.

Came home after that to get the girls and let Amber go scrap booking. The Dean's were nice enough to let Ashlyn come over for her nap and me the older girls went back to the trail. Jeff and the crew from Kenyon finished all of the grubbing. It was all done well enough that the girls and I were able to walk the whole thing with no difficulty. (Just a few thorns, roots and trees left to be cleared.) We then walked the other trail and made good use of the new bench as we sat on it to have our snack of oatmeal creme pies and capri-suns.

We then went and picked up Ashlyn and went to Taco Bell for dinner. We dropped off some dinner for Amber then stopped over at Hiawatha park and had a good time there for a little while. Than it was home for bath time and bed time snacks.

It was long tiring day, but one of those good kind of tired. The goodness has continued on to today with church this morning and watching Wendal for the Dean's as we went to Bob Evan's for lunch. Now a time of naps for the little ones (and Amber), playing outside for the girls and watching the Phillies win and Tiger making the Master's quite interesting with his big push today.

So glad that spring has finally seemed to make it here.