Wednesday, September 29, 2004

This is fun

I am already addicted to the idea of blogging all my thoughts. This is already my third blog for today. Work gets pretty boring. I am a CSR for an internet company. While waiting for calls we are free to browse the internet, email, or blog. It's not that we have a lot of free times. But it definetly has its slow times. There are only so many games and interesting web sites to visit. I have been working here for almost a year so I need new distractions.

For those of you who may know me and think I am doing nothing at work but blogging. I started this blog 15 minutes ago and this is all the further I have typed since I have to stop typing for each call.

I am looking forward to going to the Ohio Reniassance Festival this weekend. My wife and I are going with another younger couple (who we think are great) to their first festival. Seriously considered going in costume, but could not justify spending the money at this time. Would love to have the opportuinty to work at one sometime. Okay going to stop it here because it has been another 25 minutes since I typed the line "15 minutes ago".

The Life We Live

The life that I live is not all that exciting. It is not that exciting to live, probably even less exciting to read. But none the less, it is my life. I have read through some other people's blogs and I am not sure that I get it. I can see the value of journaling events for ones self. Even for some good friends and family. But to sit and read about complete strangers lives. Even the most exciting or humorous ones are only good for a minute.

Maybe blogs are only meant for a select few. But I know of people who will sit and pour over other people's blogs? Why? Get out and live your own life. It is too precious to waste to sit and read about other people's lives. Of coures that is pretty hypocritical. Because I will sit and waste an hour watching a show about a ficitional persons life. Hmmm... I feel like I should be enlightened by this sudden insight. Yet...I guess we need to have something to do in the non exciting times of life. If every thing in life was a thrill a minute, we would be out of breath.

Although having an 18 month old is pretty close to having a thrill a minute. = )

Medium depth thoughts

I don't really have deep thoughts, but hopefully they are not shallow thoughts...thus Med. depth thoughts. Thoughts like, if your 18 month old daughter is quiet for too long before going to sleep, check on her she may have taken her pants and diaper off and have a left a mess for you to clean.

Thoughts like, despite doing things like that, there is nothing greater than seeing your daughter's big smile just because you came into the room. I know every parents says this but, I really have the cutest little girl in the world. Once I figure out how to post pics on here I will put one on of her.