Thursday, January 31, 2008

It is a new year

Well it is a new year and my first blog of the year. I have a friend who has returned to blogging after 3 months of silence and has encouraged me to get back to my blogging.

The holidays were different this year. We went only to Amber's family for Christmas and did my family's Christmas at Thanksgiving. Which was quite an experience has you have probably already read. Still trying to make a decision about trying again or not. The girls have been a little trying at times and trying to decide whether or not to throw a third one into the mix is kind of hard.

We have also had plumbing problems this year. What we thought was once fixed seems not to be now. Ugh!!

We had the girls pictures taken by an Antiquities company that does the sepia type of photos. I will try to get some of them posted. They are really cute.

Well hope everyone else is having a good new year. Don't forget Lent is just around the corner. This Wednesday February 6th is Ash Wednesday. If you have any interesting ideas for Lent, leave me a comment. I am always look for some more unique ways to prepare for Easter.