Sunday, May 02, 2010

Re-committing to this blog

Ok I am going to try and recommit to this blog again. It is great to look back and see the things that were going on with the girls as they were growing. I don't want to miss my chance to talk about the thing Ashlyn is doing as she is growing.

For example, right now when ever you ask her to say Daddy or Mommy, you instead get "endal". Which is for Wendal. Wendal is the son of Ben and Sarah, Sarah is our babysitter.

She is also one of hungriest babies you will see. She has already had a doughnut, a piece of bread and a banana this morning. Plus she just now went into the pantry and brought me the poptarts wanting one of those. (She is not getting one.) She wasn't suppose to have a doughnut, but she snuck that one on me. (And here she comes with another pack of poptarts since I took the first pack from her and did not give her any.)

She is also really great about going to bed. You make here bottle and she starts to head for the stairs. I remind her to give mommy a kiss first and she heads for the couch to find Amber and gives her a kiss first.

She really is a very cute lovable little girl. I lover her wild curly hair. I love the way she runs to see me when I come home from work. -My other girls use to do that. :-(

I should probably also note that I have recently been made manager of department and that Amber was recently hired to be a regular ed. 5th grade teacher next year. Also a week ago Friday after 14 years of driving the same car, I bought a 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

So lots of changes going on around here. Hopefully I will stick to my commitment and continue to update on here the new things that are going on in our family.