Friday, February 24, 2006

Rev. Bailey

Well our original plan was to go and see Rev. Bailey on Amber's spring break at the end of March. But I was told yesterday that he had a dream the other day the he went to heaven. When he was there everything was peaceful and relaxed. But then he woke up and was not happy. He was ready to go see his Master. I feel bad. I am hoping he is not being left just for me to go and see him. I am going to call him tonight just in case and try to make plans to go home asap. Maybe next weekend? I no longer am praying for him to hang in there. It is not fair to keep him from where he wants to be for me to see him. So just pray that he has a good journey.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006

Rev. Bailey

A gentleman who has been almost like a grandfather to my wife and I is very sick. He is 96 years old and we always stop by for a visit every time we go home. (Delaware) He always encourages us in our ministry and supports us with food (mostly bags of candy) and money to take back with us. He is a great man and has been a friend of the family since my parents were my age. Actually since they were younger than I am now. When they first moved to Delaware he took them under his wing when they showed up at the church where he was pastoring. He has cancer on his kidney and they are giving him only 6 months. Hospice is going to come and bring a hospital bed for him at home. When asked which bedroom he wants to be in he replied, "the living room." You see Rev. is not one to miss anything that is going on. He wants to be where he can see everything that is going on. Where it is easy for people to still come and visit him. He has barely lost a step in 96 years and is a saint of the church in my book. Please pray that he does not suffer much and that he will hang in there until Amber and I get a chance to get back and see him one more time.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Rachael!!

I became an Uncle 20 years ago today!!! I can still remember the moment I found out. I was 12 and playing outside. My sister lived in Iowa and my mom had gone out to be there. My dad came out an stopped me from playing with my friends long enough to tell me I was an uncle. I remember being very excited. I am even more excited now to see the wonderful woman my niece has become. Happy Birthday Rach!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

MacGyver was back!!!

Ok, so obviously I am happy the Steelers won. But for all of you who were neither Steeler nor Seahawk fans there were the commercials. My favorite commercial, and very well maybe my all time favorite commercial now, was the Mastercard commercial with Richard Dean Anderson reprising his role as MacGyver. Granted it was missing the great theme song and he didn't have his mullet, it was a great to see him back again. Maybe Paramount will see how popular this ad was and think about doing one more reprise role and make a MacGyver movie for all of us fans who miss the show that made duct tape and Swiss Army Knife household names. So leave a comment, which Superbowl commercial was your favorite?


It wasn't the prettiest game of all time. But the Steelers relied on what they did all year long: their defense, steady mix of run and pass, along with a great trick play to pull it out. Thanks for the ride Bus!! Way To Go Steelers!!! Pictures to come of our Steelers party later this week.