Friday, February 24, 2006

Rev. Bailey

Well our original plan was to go and see Rev. Bailey on Amber's spring break at the end of March. But I was told yesterday that he had a dream the other day the he went to heaven. When he was there everything was peaceful and relaxed. But then he woke up and was not happy. He was ready to go see his Master. I feel bad. I am hoping he is not being left just for me to go and see him. I am going to call him tonight just in case and try to make plans to go home asap. Maybe next weekend? I no longer am praying for him to hang in there. It is not fair to keep him from where he wants to be for me to see him. So just pray that he has a good journey.

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Anonymous said...

LEt us know all about it..I was thinking about you and him today when this song came on the radio, called "I believe." He sings about a man named Wrigley. I thought of your friend.