Monday, February 06, 2006

MacGyver was back!!!

Ok, so obviously I am happy the Steelers won. But for all of you who were neither Steeler nor Seahawk fans there were the commercials. My favorite commercial, and very well maybe my all time favorite commercial now, was the Mastercard commercial with Richard Dean Anderson reprising his role as MacGyver. Granted it was missing the great theme song and he didn't have his mullet, it was a great to see him back again. Maybe Paramount will see how popular this ad was and think about doing one more reprise role and make a MacGyver movie for all of us fans who miss the show that made duct tape and Swiss Army Knife household names. So leave a comment, which Superbowl commercial was your favorite?

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Faith in Florida said...

Didn't watch it at all. But, one of my reader's husband's was in a commercial. She's at