Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Medium depth thoughts

I don't really have deep thoughts, but hopefully they are not shallow thoughts...thus Med. depth thoughts. Thoughts like, if your 18 month old daughter is quiet for too long before going to sleep, check on her she may have taken her pants and diaper off and have a left a mess for you to clean.

Thoughts like, despite doing things like that, there is nothing greater than seeing your daughter's big smile just because you came into the room. I know every parents says this but, I really have the cutest little girl in the world. Once I figure out how to post pics on here I will put one on of her.

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MamaK said...

Thanks for dropping in on our blog...our family enjoyed your kind comments about the demise of our van...very thoughtful! We also chuckled at your blog regarding the mental alarm that goes off when your toddler becomes strangely quiet. :-) With six children, we know that feeling really well. In fact, our oldest is 12, and often we'll look at each other at the same time and say, "Where's so-and-so!?" realizing that the little toddler sounds have fell silent! Bless you as you parent your little gifts...