Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Life We Live

The life that I live is not all that exciting. It is not that exciting to live, probably even less exciting to read. But none the less, it is my life. I have read through some other people's blogs and I am not sure that I get it. I can see the value of journaling events for ones self. Even for some good friends and family. But to sit and read about complete strangers lives. Even the most exciting or humorous ones are only good for a minute.

Maybe blogs are only meant for a select few. But I know of people who will sit and pour over other people's blogs? Why? Get out and live your own life. It is too precious to waste to sit and read about other people's lives. Of coures that is pretty hypocritical. Because I will sit and waste an hour watching a show about a ficitional persons life. Hmmm... I feel like I should be enlightened by this sudden insight. Yet...I guess we need to have something to do in the non exciting times of life. If every thing in life was a thrill a minute, we would be out of breath.

Although having an 18 month old is pretty close to having a thrill a minute. = )

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