Saturday, July 07, 2007

Father's Day

O.K., so I am a bit behind in blogging. For Father's Day weekend we all went out to Kansas City to visit my college roommate and best friend Bubba. (Real name Roy) I was hoping to see a couple of other friends too, but that just didn't work out. Mainly b/c one of them never got back to hem..G!!!

So here is my and Bubba's family outside the Royals' and Chiefs' stadium getting ready to go in and watch the Royals and Marlins. Our wives our behind the cameras.

Here are some pictures of around this beautiful ball park.

Me and my girls and Bubba's oldest. It was the first MLB game for all 3 girls.

Ella and Anna both enjoying their first ball park hot dog.

And as my tradition, my picture in front of the score board.
It was a great Father's Day!!

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Greta said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED THIS!!!! Jamie, I could die! DIE!! Your comment on my blog went to my junk mail in my email account....I didn't get it until recently.

I am the worst friend ever. And I can't believe I missed the chance at seeing you and Amber - and meeting your girls!

Come back and visit Bubba soon!!!!

ugh....i suck.