Monday, March 21, 2005

Hectic Day

I have been added to another que at work and has increased my call volume and my frustration volume. I am not very good at tech supporting and I am not extremely patient when I cannot figure it out right away. Granted much of it is that customers are telling me the wrong thing. But most of the guys have enough experience to know what the right thing is when they here the wrong thing and can interpret it or ask the right questions to figure it out. UGGGHHH!!!!!

But had a good weekend. Was finally able to get my office cleaned out and took the copier out of there. (Thanks Kevin!) Still looking forward to Thursday!!!

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Faith in Florida said...

I remember my days answering phones for hurricane claims, It was the worst b/c of the complaints all day long...I knwo that can be frustrating but what would the world do without you guys? We'd be stuck!