Thursday, March 10, 2005


Why are names so hard to come up with? For starters, Amber's familiy if quite large and they see each other all the time. So you don't want to use any names of close family. Then like our top 2 or 3 names have been names of babies that were lost very young in her family, so defintely can't use them. Then Amber is a teacher so all those names of those (how to put this nicely) "problem" kids she has had she can't use.

Her dad has been doing family trees since before it became popular and easy with the internet. Dragging Amber along to old filing rooms looking through hours of papers. So we are both from Welsh backgrounds and thought a good Welsh name would be good. Well there are not a lot of those and the good ones wouldn't you know are all considered popular now. Everybody and their brother is suddenly jumping on the old English/Irish/Welsh name kick.

Well luckily we still have another 2 months to figure it out.

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