Friday, March 04, 2005


Tonight I get to go bowling. 5 guys against 5 girls from work are competing tonight in bowling for Big Brother and Big Sisters. The nice thing to say is that the real winners are the little brother and sisters. But we also know the winners are going to be the guys tonight! If you don't hear anymore about this next week the girls won, but I have a feeling I will have another posting about this on Monday.

P.S. I have had no practice, haven't been bowling in....months? Can't remember the last time?

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Faith in Florida said...

My siblings and I were practically raised by our "big brothers and sisters." My oldest brother's "big brother" recently died of cancer and our local paper ran a story about them on the front page. My brother was in England pursuing his PhD when he heard "Paul" was dying. He flew in to say goodbye. They had been in the paper 20 years earlier when they ran a story about them. But this guy changed my brother's life in so many ways. He always says the only reason he turned out okay was because of Paul... It truly makes a difference.