Monday, March 14, 2005

The Weekend

Well the weekend was really productive. Manage to get a good portion of the house really clean. We are talking emptying cupboards and cleaning them out, reorganizing, dusting, dishes, vacuuming, and even Julianna's play room is fairly straightened up. Well until she got home and played for about 5 minutes. Oh well, can't be perfect. But it felt really good to get so much done.

Then on Sunday after church we had the college students from church over for pizza. It too was a good time. We were trying to see where their hearts were and what they were looking for from our church. I was really happy with what I heard come from them.

And in church Joe preached a stirring sermon that goes well with the idea Kevin has been talking about, how the gates of hell will not overcome us. (They are on a defensive and we are on the attack and we will not be overcome!) I am getting a new excitement stirring.

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