Monday, February 28, 2005

The 100 List

I read on another blog that it is a rule that to be an official blogger you have to have a list of 100 random thoughts, facts and or figures about me. So after 3 months of doing a few at a time, here it is:

1. I love my wife.
2. I love my daughter.
3. I am 31.
4. I grew up in Delaware.
5. Star Wars brought me and my wife together.
6. I love going to the beach
7. I beginning to hate this cubicle.
8. I am approx 5' 10"
9. I was always really short for my age until I was about 17.
10.I am already getting stuck and I am only on #10
11. I love Classical music
12. My high school art teacher designed the back of the Delaware Quarter.
13. The back of the Delaware quarter was my high school's logo. (We were the Caesar Rodney Riders)
14. I have attended two Nazarene Colleges.
15. My best man's name from my wedding is Bubba.
16. He was my college roommate.
17. I lost one of my first best friends when I was 15.
18. He was my brother in law.
19. I now have 3 best friends, Lee, Pat and Bubba.
20. Well and of course my wife, Amber, but she is in a league of her own.
21. My degree is in Christian Education / Youth Ministry
22. I have a second child on the way.
23. I am hoping for a boy.
24. I will love whatever God gives us.
25. My parents live in Florida.
26. I miss them.
27. I wonder why it is that when you finally start to get your parents, that is when we move?
28. I have 2 older brothers
29. And an older sister.
30. My sister use to take me with her every where as kid. She's great!
31. My sister has given me a niece and a nephew. They are really great too.
32. I have been as far south in the US as Homestead, Florida. (Outside US to Ecuador)
33. As far North as Maine. (and to Canada)
34. As far West as Arizona
35. When in Ecuador, stood in northern and southern Hemisphere at the same time.
36. When I was in Homestead, it was 2 months after Andrew hit and it still looked like a war zone.
37. When in Ecuador, Arizona and Homestead, I was on a missions trip.
38. I have had 18 different jobs.
39. Besides Amber and I, there are 4 other expecting couples on our block alone.
40. Besides those 4, I have 4 other couple friends who are expecting as well.
41. I am a Pepsi person.
42. I use Crest toothpaste.
43. My most popular dish that I can make is fried macaroni.
44. I once met Michael Tait from DC Talk in a mall in Nashville.
45. I played football before a concert with The Samples and Jars of Clay.
46. My brother had dinner with the real Rudy the movie was based on.
47. I am wishing this list was only to 50.
48. I like Letterman much more than Leno.
49. I took photography in high school.
50. My favorite artist is Van Gogh.
51. I eat lunch every other week with 4 really good friends from church.
52. We usually go to Pizza Hut for the buffet.
53. Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic of all time.
54. I like the show Smallville.
55. I also like Enterprise.
56. And Alias.
57. My wife likes the CSI shows.
58. I have been surfing at 5 different beaches. (all on East coast)
59. I have been golfing in 6 different states.
60. I have visited 31 of the 50 states.
61. It has taken me so long to get this far that #3 was originally, I am ALMOST 31.
62. I love Ansel Adam's pictures.
63. I have a library card.
64. I also have a pretty big library fine.
65. I have spent 2 summers in Iowa.
66. I've had a picnic in a tree.
67. I proposed to my wife after singing "I want to grow old with you"
68. I had to erase this one b/c it was a duplicate.
69. I took second place in my fantasy football league.
70. I could have won if Donovan would have played the next to last game.
71. I have met Jim Thome and have is autograph.
72. At the same game I caught my first foulball.
73. It was the Phillies vs. the Reds.
74. I have more Star Wars stuff than I know what to do with.
75. I would love to sell a lot of it.
76. I am not good at eBay.
77. I have a talking picture frame at work that has Anna yelling "LUV YOU!"
78. Everybody at work "aw"s each time I play. (Well the ladies do)
79. I am looking forward to playing softball again this year.
80. I love to play Ultimate Frisbee as well.
81. I rarely get to anymore.
82. I have since moved to a different cubicle since typing #7.
83. Still not fond of this one either.
84. I should find out the sex of our next baby on the Anna's birthday.
85. I am disappointed Enterprise is being cancelled.
86. My new favorite site is J-Walk Blog.
87. I helped a friend get a free i-pod.
88. If he had bugged me much longer, the previous statement would have read, "former friend"
89. But he might help me get a shuffle.
90. I like my gmail account.
91. I am excited that after 4 months I am only 9 away from finishing this.
92. Although I have 3 best friends from growing up I have a few more newer ones that make the list. (Pizza Hut gang)
93. I have lived in Nashville for awhile.
94. Bavarian cream is my favorite kind of doughnut.
95. Mmmmmm...doughnut!! I like the Simpsons.
96. Sometimes I wish my blog talked about deeper things.
97. I am doing terrible so far on my new year's resolutions.
98. I love to watch Anna sleep at night.
99. I miss my family while at work.
100. I love Amber and Anna and my unborn child. (Ok so 2 out of those 3 were the same as the first 2, but they are worth repeating!)


Anonymous said...

you know it's a girl, why do you kid yourself?

Faith in Florida said...

Okay, so where do I start?
Have you found out what you're having yet..boy or girl? WHen is the due date?

I love DC talk, I think that is so cool. I kinda wanna know more about the friend you lost. Very sad. I think youth ministry is great..that is my husband's passion. are finally official. Yay!