Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blog Review

Now everyone who has a blog can get a positive review, thanks to PageBoost.
Here's what Joey Hay, Daily new News, of Best links has to say about this blog:

"I just saw Medium Depth Thoughts. If only the W3C would have an awesome page like that. The source for this page is completely uncluttered. It must have taken eons to design the page. The color scheme is fantastic. There are 26,159 characters in the HTML, which is a high-quality length for American users. Glorious. The URL has 31 characters. That's just the right size.

Seeing Medium Depth Thoughts, I'm simply speechless. Powerful but elegant. (...)

Of course, I expected the creator to achieve only the best. The page contains 59 links, a balanced amount. What a swell page! I totally loved it."

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