Friday, February 11, 2005


Well it is Friday and once again very grateful for the weekend. Going to go out on a date with Amber for the first time in awhile. (Yes unfortunately it took the Hallmark holiday for us to be able to plan a date. Something we plan to remedy in the near future.)

During this week I have become even more thankful for good friends. Had a good talk about where I am and where I am going with one friend who I appreciate more than he probably knows. (but since he is one of the few who read my blog he probably now knows) And I had a good lunch with another friend who I was able to just talk very comfortably about just the regular things of life and who I can email back and forth to keep my day going.

I have things I need to evaluate and some major adjustments I want to make to my routine of life. Be praying I have the strength and wisdom to get them done.

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