Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Baseball Movies

Just had lunch with a great friend of mine at Pizza Hut. We were discussing good baseball movies to add to my dvd collection. We came up with in no certain order: (except #1 really is #1)

1. Field of Dreams
2. The Natural
3. The Rookie
4. Eight Men Out
5. The Pride of the Yankees
6. Little Big League
7. The Sandlot
8. Major League

You will notice Major League II and III are purposefully missing because we were discussing GOOD baseball movies. If anyone can think of more please add to the comments. Thanks!

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Jamie said...

Ok, my friends helped me think of some more.

9. Bull Durham
10. Mr. Baseball
11. A League of Their Own
12. For the Love of the Game
13. 61*

(Not personally seen the last two)

I can't believe I didn't remember earlier "There is NO CRYING in Baseball!!"