Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Very Ill

Series of events:

Months ago we plan to take Anna to the rides @ a local festival on 9/10.
Amber starts feeling sick Thursday night.
I start getting a sore throat on Friday afternoon.
Saturday morning my voice is gone.
A few hours later, Anna and Ella have fevers.
The rides for Anna are now cancelled.
Saturday early afternoon Amber thinks she is feeling better.
Later the same afternoon things get worse for her.
Sunday morning Anna seems to be better.
Sunday afternoon Amber thinks she may have an ear infection it hurts her so bad.
Sunday evening Anna's fever comes back.
Monday morning the doctor's office has no appointments.
Monday evening we all seem to be doing not too bad.
Tuesday we are all at work and baby sitters still feeling the effects of the weekend.
Tuesday afternoon you all read this and pray for us.
Tonight we will all feel better!!! Thanks!!

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