Thursday, September 29, 2005

One Year

A Year Ago I found out what a blog was. This how I started this one...

I don't really have deep thoughts, but hopefully they are not shallow thoughts...thus Med. depth thoughts. Thoughts like, if your 18 month old daughter is quiet for too long before going to sleep, check on her she may have taken her pants and diaper off and have a left a mess for you to clean.

Thoughts like, despite doing things like that, there is nothing greater than seeing your daughter's big smile just because you came into the room. I know every parents says this but, I really have the cutest little girl in the world. Once I figure out how to post pics on here I will put one on of her.

12 months later I have a 30 month old girl and an almost 5 month old girl. They are still the cutest girls in the world. And there is still nothing greater than seeing them smile. Except now instead of just a smile, Anna RUNS from one end of the house to the other, arms out, screaming ...DADDY'S HERE!! There is no better way to start your evening when you get home!!!

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Brian Eberly said...

Amen to all of that brother!

There is absolutely nothing better than the love and excitement from our children. The first time my children smiled at me, my heart melted!

There is no greater privilge or responsibilty than being a parent!