Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lonely Lunch

Amber is a teacher. So she has had the summer "off". So for the summer almost every lunch hour I would come home to my beautiful wife and two wonderful girls. The best part was always when Anna realized I was home and would scream "DADDY S HOME!!" and come tearing across the whole house to give me a hug. Now I open the door and the pile of laundry I kick by the washing machine is about the only thing that notices me coming in. It is so dreadfully quiet at lunch now. Kevin and Mandy were nice enough to endure me over at their house the first day. I tempted to go to the babysitter's house on my lunch. But I am afraid that will get Anna too upset when I leave? So for now, maybe I will make my wife happy and greet the laundry by picking it up and getting it started in the wash at lunch.

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