Friday, August 12, 2005

Back from Delaware

We were suppose to be back by Tuesday. But just as we went to leave we realized the van's brakes were bad enough that we had better get them checked out. Which they were bad enough they needed work thus we were not able to go until Wednesday. But a big thanks to Mr. Bailey for taking care of my repair bill.

Mr. Bailey is an 80+ year old retired minister who went into the real estate business as well a long time ago. He is the kindest most generous man you would ever meet. He took my parents in when they first moved to Delaware over 30 years ago and helped take care of them as a young married couple. Today over 30 years later he is taking care of me and Amber.

He is starting to have health problems that are a little more serious than in the past. His wonderful, dear, English wife Dorothy and I were talking about his longevity. She is convinced it is because he doesn't have a hateful bone in his body. She says that when we hold grudges and anger in it eats at us just like stress. He doesn't hold grudges and doesn't stress over things. He has gained and lost two businesses and continues to go as if nothing had ever happened in the past. He has been burned by people in business and in the church. The only slightly disparaging remark Dorothy said she has ever heard him say is he understands that for the business people, it is business, they have an excuse.

I owe a lot to Mr. Bailey. Not just because of bags of free food and money every time I go home. But for life lessons, for getting my parents so involved in the church in their first month in church and never looking back, and more that I probably don't even know about.

Well this started out as a brief entry about being back. But I am happy with the turn it took. I hope you all have a Mr. Bailey somewhere in your life.

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