Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Great Softball Game

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Okay I am not normally one to do this. But I was inspired by a friend who bragged about a situation that made her so happy that it made me happy to read it. So in hopes of making others happy, I am going to brag a little bit.

This week has been our church softball playoffs. On our first game of the week on Monday I struck out swinging at my first at bat in slow pitch softball. (This is obviously not the bragging part.) How do you strike out swinging in slow pitch?!!? Anyway, I did pretty well the rest at bats and my good friend Scooter (aka Ron) hit and out of the park homer with 2 men on. It was pretty awesome.

So Tuesday night is our second game. I went 3 for 3 with a walk. I hit a double that should have been a single but I just ran straight through and threw of the fielders who obviously were not expecting me to go to second. Then then when I was on second the next ball was hit to the 3rd baseman. I went half way expecting a throw to first but it never came. The 3rd baseman bobbled the ball and was a good 5 ft off the bag. So I raced him to the bag and took a long hard slide under his tag. Then managed to tag up for a run on the next hit.

Last inning of the night, we are hometeam, and the score is tied. The bottom of their line up hits back to the pitcher for out 1. The next batter is the top of their line up. He has all night done like I do at the top of the line up and hits hard shallow hits and runs out throws to first. So I am playing left center and I come up to play him shallow hoping to rob him of a blooper shot. He hits a line shot my direction, but deeper than he has hit all night. I start to back peddle realizing I will never back peddle fast enough I stop and jump for all I am worth. (Which is like 2 inches probably) I manage to snag the ball out of the air for the 2nd out.

The third out was made by our shortstop who normally plays outfield. He made a great grab as the ball almost went by for the 3rd out. Our at bat. We are the bottom 2 of our line up. The first girl up hits the ball just over the 3rd baseman's head. The next hitter pop ups to the second baseman for out number 1. I am up next. I manage to hit a shallow shot to right center and the girl on second holds up too long thinking it is going to be caught and gets thrown out at second for out number 2. 2 outs bottom of the last inning tied score. The guy behind me after watching 2 pitches one a strike and one a ball, he gets a hit to shallow left field. I am rounding second as the shortstop and the left fielder are deciding if either one of them can get to it and who it should be. So I take off for third. Apparently they both either ran into each other or ended up standing there looking at each other too long to figure out who should get it that my whole team is yelling for me to come home. So I round third and am up easy for the game winning run. It was a pretty cool night.

We shall see how tonight's game goes!?!

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Greta said...

beaming about yourself can get you places! let me continue my happy dance and say you need to look at cathy zielske's blog today (link on my blog.)

speechless. absolutely speechless.

looks like we're both hitting homeruns!-ha.

15 seconds of fame is great, eh?!