Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Big Step for Anna

Anna was being babysat by one of Amber's friends the other day while Amber and I finally were able to go out on a date. Well when she woke up from her nap the daughter of the Ambrose friend noticed that she was not too wet and thought she might need to use the bathroom and took and put her on the patty. I don't think her daughter knew that she was not really potty trained. Not from lack of trying. She knows how to get undressed, sit, use the tp, flush and wash her hands. But just will not actually "go" while on the potty.

Well lo and behold with no fuss, no singing of songs Anna did "go" when put on there by somebody else. And wonderfully she did again the next day when Amber put her on. She has not got down to ask to go yet, so there is a ways to go. However, the end of buying two sized diapers may soon be at an end.

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