Monday, October 25, 2004

A Great Weekend

Yes, I do work at an internet company with full time access to the internet. But since I work here 40 hours a week I don't have as much to blog about. As opposed to those who get to sit in really cool classes all day and get to take trips to Argentina. (Re: to the comment on my previous blog if you are confused)

Now that that is out of the way. This last weekend was great. Amber, Anna and I went to get and had Amber's bi-annual check up for her ring to keep up the warranty and did some shopping. We tried to go to "Once Upon a Child". But they were too expensive and one of the employees came in from her lunch and announced what a great sale Old Navy was having. So we put our stuff down from there and walked over to Old Navy where they had 50% off their clearance prices. I bought some shirts for .98 and 1.50 and a fleece for $6. And we bought Anna a couple of long sleeve onsies and pants. All in all we bought 10 items for $30. Some great deals.

Then on the way home we stopped at this great little farmer's market that sells pumpkins and stuff and bought some pumpkins. At the market they give kids hay rides, they have a maze of hay and a maze in the corn field. It is just a really neat place to go and take your kids to have fun and take their pictures. We are probably going to go back next weekend.

Plus while we were there Anna made me feel really special. A really loud truck drove by and made quite a racket and it scared Anna. She ran over to me and clung on to my leg for protection.

WOW! What a feeling to know you are the protection for your precious little girl.

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