Monday, October 25, 2004

Great Weekend cont..

The last blog was getting a little long so I thought I would make a second one for Sunday. I am an associate at a church that has just celebrated its one year anniversary. In case you didn't read the One Year blog. Yesterday we had 53 in church. But that was not the exciting part. Because a majority of those 53 won't be back and if we were not there would have been in church someplace anyways.

However there were 10 -12 who would not have been in church. Out of that 10 -12, we had a person who has been going through some tough times who said to the pastor that the sermon really spoke to him. Out of the 10-12, we had 2 guys greet each other who are not too fond of each other outside of church. And out of the other 40 some people, we had a kid from Romania who found a church home that is almost EXACTLY like his church at home (in Romania!!) who wants to help and play guitar for our service.


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