Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Celebrating a Church Year !!

Well this past weekend our church celebrated its one year birthday. It was actually on the 12th a year ago that we first had people from the community come and join our church. We had two people from the community who have really been touched by the church give their testimonies, they were really good. Then when Kevin preached he used Anna and another girl from the church as examples through out his sermon. It was pretty funny.

We then had lunch together and had a good time of fellowship. I will try to load the picture of Anna from the lunch where she got up on stage with the mike and thought she was on American Idol. It's really cute.

Then last night Anna did something really funny. She was in the kitchen by herself for awhile. I called her to come out in the living room with Amber and I. She finally strolled out of the kitchen very nonchalant. She then noticed the extra napkin from dinner laying on the coffee table. (Coffee table? what a strange name, we don't even drink coffee, its more like a Pepsi table...anyway) So she takes the napkin and heads back to the kitchen. It is at this point a light bulb goes off over my head.

She knows what napkins are for, she has made enough messes to figure it out. It then occurs to me that she has probably made a mess again and is quietly trying to clean it up herself. (She is only 18 months by the way.) Sure enough I follow her into the kitchen and she has left her sippy cup tipped over long enough to have dripped out a good size puddle and she had by that time already unfolded the napkin and began to clean up.

She is soooo funny. I love her so much. Whether it is her animal sounds, trying to sing the alphabet song of which she knows A,B,C, E,E,E ....I!... , or asking for three tisses (that's kisses to us) before laying down to go night night, she is always bring me joy.

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