Monday, October 11, 2004

Death of Superman

Yesterday Superman died. The man who brought the superhero, Superman, alive to my generation, Christopher Reeves, died yesterday. I am a huge fan of the Superman franchise. I loved the movies and I am a big fan of the show Smallville. The show pays homage to the history of Superman. They have had Christopher Reeves on the show and have named multiple characters after creators and former illustrators of the comics.

I do not know enough about stem cell research at this time to make a comment on it. But I do know that C.R. was a great advocate for it and that regardless if you are for or against it, one has to admire the dedication that he put into it.

I heard that the average life span for someone with Reeves condition is 7 years, he managed to make it 9. He was not made of steel, he could not leap over a building in a single bound, but he still seemed to be a Super Man!

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