Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Update on Lucy

Here is the updated email from Lucy's dad:

Well the doctor came in this morning and said he couldn’t confirm a diagnosis of downs syndrome. She has some of the symptoms, but not nearly all of them. What they said seemed like a sure thing last night now isn’t. He still thinks she might have some kind of syndrome, possibly even a mild form of down syndrome, but only genetic testing will be able to tell for sure what kind it is.The real good news is that both she and mom are healthy.

They are very excited now and are no longer concerned with the long term but our living in the present of the wonderful gift God has given them. For the first 8-10 hours she was in an incubator and could not be held so they had nothing but their worries and fears to think about. But since getting to hold her all day yesterday they are very excited to have a wonderful little girl. Thanks to all those who prayed, they felt the prayers of all those lifted them up before God.

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