Thursday, June 02, 2005

Rita's story

Rita left a comment on my entry about Ella being born on 05/05/05 and wanted to give something to Ella. This is her story:

I was also born on May 5th, but in 1955. I was so reluctant to celebrate this 50th birthday with a party, no woman enjoys getting older, I guess!

So I had been thinking about how to do it in an special way, my birth-date has always been making me feel kind of special.

About a year ago I had this idea, to find a little girl who would also be born on May 5th, this year and make her a symbolic present.

It seems silly, but you don't know how much I have been thinking of that new baby, it was very nice waiting for her.

I am a quilter and I have been working on this project for a few months now. Ella will receive a baby quilt.

But she won't be the only one.

I am originally from Belgium but we have traveled a lot in the past 20 years, and I made friends all over the world.

We spent 10 years in TX, where 3 of my kids were born.
Now, we live in Russia, where my husband works for an international company.

I couldn't choose in which country to look for that baby girl, so I finally decided to search in different countries.

Emma is the 2nd one: I found a baby called Lola, in France, and am trying to find a little Japanese girl, and also a Russian one .

This will give them a chance to connect when they grow up and possibly build friendship.
This would be cool, wouldn't it? The funny thing up to now is that they both have a 4-letters name, like me...

And Ella in 2nd of the family, as I was!

When my quilts will be ready, I will tell you and send one to Ella.

I wish you all a lot of happiness with your nice family!


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Jamie said...

I hope to start another blog where the 4 families and Rita can keep in contact about our 4 girls.