Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Thoughts from Eldridge

John Eldridge wrote a book for men called "Wild at Heart". It is a great book and here are some thoughts I have found on his website:

Life is a Story. This is true for every soul.

It is a love story, we assure you. But it is set in the midst of a life and death battle. That is why it seems so hard.

The story of your life is the story of the journey of your heart through a dangerous and beautiful world. It is the story of the long and sustained assault on your heart by the Enemy who knows who you could be and fears you. But it is also the story of the long and mysterious pursuit of your heart by the God who knows you truly and loves you deeply.

As we live through the pages of this story many questions arise. Who am I…really? Where will I find life…really? And, What is it God wants from me? We know those questions well, for we have lived them ourselves.

Another thought from the page:

You might remember that the first Christians were called followers of The Way (Acts 9:2, 18:25-26). They had found the Way of Life, and had given themselves over to it. They lived together, ate together, fought together, celebrated together. They were intimate allies, a fellowship of the heart. How wonderful it would be if we could find the same. How dangerous it will be if we do not. This life we are living is not meant to be lived alone. This journey we are taking cannot be taken alone. We must have allies of the heart.

A great thanks to those who are my allies in this journey as we seek together to find the answers of our lives as we are seeking our Creator.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, life is indeed an interesting journey! btw, did the baby arrive ?