Friday, May 20, 2005

Bad Daddy

This morning I went over to the bus stop to help our crew from church to give breakfast to all the Jr. Hi and Sr. Hi kids like they do every Friday. When I first woke up Anna was awake so I went to check on her. She asked me for a cuppy. I told okay, but to get into bed and I would bring it to her. Well I was still quite tired from being up late with Ella and went in to spend a few moments with Amber and Ella in bed before heading down to make Anna's cuppy and out the door to the bus stop.

Well I was a bad daddy and forgot about Anna's cuppy. She was quiet the 5-8 minutes from when I left her room until when I left. When I get back Amber is coming out of Anna's room from bringing her a cuppy. Amber told me that Anna told her that Daddy was suppose to get her a cuppy. Not in so many words, Amber said it was more like, "Daddy cuppy, Where Daddy?" Oh I felt so bad.

Sorry Anna, Daddy does love you!!! I guess I'll have to let her have a pony?

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Wéi said...

pony, wow, don't spoil her, lol.