Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Well we had hoped Anna would come early and be born on 03/03/03 but came late instead. So when we had a chance again at 05/05/05 we never thought we would actually get that date. Well I went home for lunch on 05/04 and Amber was getting home from her doctor's appointment and she said the doctor told her she didn't think she would make it through the day before having it.

We thought, Yeah right, heard that story before. But then Amber's started contractions while I was home and they were 5 minutes apart for an hour. So I called work and said I don't think I will be back in today. Sure enough we went to the hospital. (Half packed, we had two more weeks why be packed?) They admitted us and we were on our way. Around 5pm or so Amber was ready for the epidural and was about 4 centimeters. Well unfortunately everything seemed to stop around 11pm. No more big contraction and no more dilation. And of course they are not going to call a doctor in after midnight just to get things going. So we had a long slow night of waiting for the doctor's morning rounds.

Finally the doctor came around at around 9:30 am and broke her water and prescribed Pertosin. At 11:03 we had our new baby on 05/05/05.

However, she did not receive her name until 05/07 2 hours before check out. But as you have probably already seen in the previous post we did name her Ella Kathryn. Kathryn is my mother's name. Ella was 6.2 and 21 inches and is a spitting image of her sister when she was first born.


Anonymous said...

That is SOOOO cool that you got that date, how special. I was thinking the other day how if I had a baby next june, I would want to avoid the 06/06/06 date, but how cool it would be to have a baby on 7/7/07. SO, I think it's really neat that your baby was born on 5/5/05. I mean, what are the chances. Anyways, she is absolutely gorgeous. Looking at newborn baby pictures really makes me want to have another. So, you will have to post more baby pictures very soon:) CONGRATS!!

loelsh said...

Congratulations!! That is very cool. My hubby's b-day is 7/7/77. I would kinda like to have a 7/7/07 baby, on his 30th b-day, but then sharing a b-day isn't really all that fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh....and I love the name Ella!

Rita said...

I was born on 05-05-55 and just turned 50 ! I have been looking for a baby girl born on 05-05-05, and
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I would not like to display my personal data on the web...How to get in contact with you? I'll look on your blog for your answer.

rita said...
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