Monday, December 06, 2004


Ok not to get stuck on a game show theme but this was pretty cool. Friday while I was home for lunch I caught the end of The Price is Right. The first guy's showcase was a trip and a brand new type of sports car. He bid 34,000 something. I was like "Are you crazy? More like 42,000!!" So the girl's showcase was a living room suite, carpet, a vacuum system and a plasma TV. (The plasma TV was the only decent part of that prize, anyway..) So she bids 16, 3?? something. Well they come back and they give the guys amount first....42,000 and 88 DOLLARS !! I would have missed by $88. Oh well. So they give the girls amount 16, 5?? she misses by on $180 and wins both showcases.

I have watched T.P.I.R. for as long as I can remember and that is the first time I can recall seeing that happen. It was pretty cool. Truly for her the price was right.

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