Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Snow! and Kicks

Well we have had our first real snow of the year. It snowed on Thanksgiving day, but nothing stuck. The last two days we have had enough to cover the ground pretty good. And man is it cold! I think I really need to do a better job of sealing my house up. It gets pretty cold downstairs. Upstairs where all the heat goes is not too bad.

But more important than the snow, I felt the baby kick for the first time last night. It was pretty cool. Starting to become more real that a second one is on the way. 2. Not just 1 but 2! Wow, hope I am ready for this. If not, I have 5 months to get that way. That should be plenty of time. I could do 10 page papers in a couple of days, I can get ready for a second child in 5 months.


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