Thursday, December 30, 2004

Gender unknown?

Well we had our first sonogram yesterday. We were scheduled for a 12:45 appointment and didn't get into the room until after 2:00!! Amber had a big bottle of OJ to get the baby moving and unfortunatley it moved the baby too much. It moved so much we could not a get a clear shot of the sex of the baby. But the lady said if she had to guess she would have to guess that it is another girl. It's not what we were hoping for, but we will love her just the same. But to be honest it was really just a guess and will not know for sure until either the 32 week sonogram or until around May 18th.

Hope all had a great holiday. Anyone making New Year's Resolutions? Post them for us to see. I will post mine tommorrow once I have figured out what they are going to be.

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