Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Favorite 6 year old

My daughter Julianna is my favorite 6 year old going on 16. I think the picture conveys her sassy attitude. This morning she told me that her black pants and her Hannah Montana shirt with her zebra socks (oops I was informed they were tiger socks not zebra socks) and new green trimmed sneakers were "radical". (Where did you hear radical?...I don't know?....Oh yeah...Backyardigans) Then the other day she comes home from a field trip, that involved a lot of walking around a nature center, with sore feet. We propped up her feet and gave her some ice. That apparently was not good enough. Twenty minutes later when that had not taken immediate effect she asked Amber, "Mom, can you go on the internet and look up how to make my sore feet feel better?" Yes indeed, she is a part of a new generation of children.

She is very frustrating at times. Like at this moment where she is reading what I am typing and is instead suppose to be going to bed, but I love her dearly. Sometimes I am jealous of those with the quiet shy kids. But then in her truly good moments with all of her personality, I realize I would not trade any of the rambunctious times for those. Yes indeed, she is my favorite six year old!!

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