Saturday, September 08, 2007

Anna's 1st day of school

We are such over zealous parents. We actually took 37 pictures of this one day including still asleep the morning of the first day, getting hair done, pictures with mom, and with sis, and with dad (which I included). I decided to not bore you with all the pictures and just give you the highlights.

She is all ready to go with her new Dora backpack.

Picture with dad at the front door.

At the parking lot where over zealous mom and dad both took time off work to drive there and take pictures.

Mom shows her the way to her room.

Ms. Jeni greets her at the door and shows her wear her stuff goes.

All ready forgetting about mom and dad at the door taking pictures she is off and anxious to start her first day.

After a long day of school (1 - 3:30) she is worn out on the ride home. By the way, her favorite part was getting to ride the bus 5 blocks from her school to Mommy's school where she teaches.

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Greta said...

OMG!! These are adorable pictures. But possibly my favorite is the first one with Amber's extremely proud face smiling in the window of the front door!!!

Congratulations to two incredible parents and one beautiful daughter!!