Saturday, August 04, 2007

Being a parent

When was the first time you realized you were a parent? I mean when your little one is first born you have a sense of pride and awe of the responsiblity you now have. But for me it really hit me about a year and half after Anna was born. We were out picking out pumpkins at a local greenhouse. We were walking through the dirt stone parking lot when a big truck rumbled past and made a loud noise. Anna jumped and grabbed my leg. That was when it truly hit me for the first time that I was now officially a dad. I reminded myself today of that importance...

So if you read yesterday's blog and have seen "Stranger than Fiction" you can understand why I was thinking about life in general last night. Where is life going? Whose story am I part of? Then this morning I am watching my girls on my own while Amber enjoys a full 13 hour (well she left 30 minutes late so 12 and 1/2 hour) day of scrapbooking. I walked them down to the park near our house. It is only 4 or 5 blocks away but there is no sidewalk after 2 or 3 blocks. So we are walking along the road when my girls hold my hand for the last part of the walk. We get to the park and I give them pushes on the swings and help them on the slides. (That's about it, it is a very small park.) Then as we begin our trek home they hold my hands again until we get to the sidewalks again.

As I am holding my girls hands on the way back home I realize whose story I am a big part of. I may not be learning to play the guitar or traveling the world. But I am pushing my girls on swings and keeping them to and from the park. What more important role could one be playing in a story than that?


Jamie said...

Disclaimer: that is neither my hand nor my childrens. I tried that, I have ugly hands.

Anonymous said...

I hope that is not your hand because I would have to ask, "When did you start getting manicures?" But seriously, isn't it awesome when the girls just put their little hand in yours? It makes me feel so important because it means they totally trust me. Thanks for two beautiful girls. I love you!