Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I am a Great Uncle!!

I was always a pretty good uncle before. However, now as of 1/8/07 at 7:30 PM Central time, my niece had her son so I am officially a Great uncle. My great nephew is Carson Michael. He is 8 lbs and 19 inches and has lots of blond hair.

Also one of my best friends wife had their baby last night too. Her name is Logyn Alexandria. And she happens to be a second cousin to Carson. So my friend, who is my niece's cousin, and my niece's grandmother on her other side of the family had two new great grandchildren last night. I think that makes like 20+ grandchildren when counting great grandchildren too.

So a pretty exciting night last night!!


Anonymous said...

Uncles are the best! My kids love their uncles!!

Greta said...

You may be a great uncle. But you are a SUUUUCCKKKKYYYYY blogger!!!! :)