Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy 2006!!!

So how was your 2005? I am kind of saddened to see it go. It was a year for not only my new baby, but for a lot of friends as well. It was also a year that a lot of my friends (blogger friends and life long ones) have seen the end of lives. I was going to make a comment here about the cycle of life. But unfortunately for many, they were lives cut very short of their cycle.

People ask why blog? Why get so wrapped up in the lives of people you have never actually "met"? Why grieve and feel loss for people you have never met?... Why not?

Why not have one more community in your life? Why not learn lessons from any where you can? Why not mourn for those who have lost their little one and go home and love your little ones that much more? Why not mourn for those who have lost a sibling and go home for Christmas and hang on to your siblings a little tighter? To those who have shared their lives. Thank you for sharing. I can only hope my prayers and thoughts in return are enough repayment.

So we look to 2006. What more will this year bring? More beginnings? More endings? More hellos? More goodbyes? More Hope? More healing? More friends? More family?...

More of God? Less of me?... I can only hope!!!

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Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes.