Monday, January 30, 2006

10 days of silence.

Wow, I cannot believe I have let 10 days go by with out posting. I have about a dozen blogs I read every day and there are about 3 of them that have come to almost a stand still on their blogging. I don't want to do that. I usually blog while at work and work as become quite busy lately. I am still here and still reading most everyone else's blog every day. Well not "everyone", but everyone's blog who I comment on. You have all been faithful to keep me informed on your lives and I have not been able to do the same. So some quick updates.

Anna is just about potty trained now.
Ella is sitting up on her own and eating solid foods.
My new job is not yet full time but keeping me quite busy the days I do work it.
I am very worried about an old friend. Old as in he is 96, and is having kidney problems. He is ready to go, but the rest of us are not quite as ready.

Ok so those are some highlights for now. I am also looking forward to our church having enough people to have our own church softball team this year. Thanks for checking in, I continuing to pray for those of you who are going through hard times right now. Thanks for sharing your lives.

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