Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Opening Day

Well yesterday was the Indians home opener. My first home opener I have ever been to. Ron, Kevin, Charlie and I headed up and watched the Indians lose 2-1. It was a great day none the less. It was windy and chilly in Cleveland. We were lucky enough to be in a section that was blocked from the wind and had some sunshine hitting to keep us rather warm. It was a difference of about 20 degrees from our seats to the windy, shadowed walk ways below. Okay maybe not 20 but very noticeable.

On the down side today, Anna was up all last night sick. Amber stayed home with her today. Be praying for both of them as Amber has been very uncomfortable since the baby has dropped.
Also Amber was called back for a second interview and was one of only two chosen for a second interview and was not chosen. Most likely b/c they think she does too good a job in her current special needs class which she needs a break from. So be praying she finds just the right job for her. Thanks!!

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peterkevinson said...

how about 30 degree difference?
I prayed for your family specifically this morning.