Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We have so many role models in our Christian life. We have pastors, SS teachers, parents, professors… the list goes on. But every now and then we have a person who comes into our lives and truly shows us what it means to be a humble servant.
A person who offers to take food to people who don’t seem to appreciate it.
A person who works with kids who are not the easiest to work with for a living, then volunteers to work with even younger kids who are just as hard to work with when there is no one else to do it at church.
A person who continues to help the same people over and over and trusts that even though she is not going to see the fruits of her labor, that surely this is God’s leading and will continue to be faithful without knowing the end results to it all.
A person who for years and years continues to help the same group of people who have nothing to offer in return.
These people hunger to know more about God, they seek with everything they have to do the most they can for God, just because He loved us first.
These people when they are at the hardest part of their life, want only to know how you are doing and what is going on in your life.
Sue Riffle is this type of person. She is such a special person who will soon get the rewards she has never looked for, but so richly deserves!!

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