Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Okay only 2 posts

Okay it is getting late already so I am just going to cut it to two posts tonight. The pictures took too long to load. So I will give a brief update. As of about 2 weeks ago I am now officially a computer tech at ECR. See my geeky new picture of me and the other techs at

The girls have turned 5 and 3 now. It seemed like they were 4 and 2 forever. Amber is doing well and as of now it looks as if we are having another girl in October. Still trying to pick a name. Post any good ideas you may have we are open for some suggestions. Julianna will be starting Kindergarten this year and she is a little worried about it. She is plenty smart enough, but she is just worried about having a lot more kids in her class and them all liking her.

She is still a little trying at times and bed time is still a bit of a hassle. Ella is almost fully potty trained which is a great blessing. Other wise we are all healthy and doing well which is the most you can really ask for. I will hurry and post one last quick picture of the girls from February in their matching Dora outfits from Grammy.

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