Monday, March 24, 2008

5 years old

I cannot believe it. My little girl is 5 years old today. She is not exactly little any more. She is about 3' 7" already. Her hair is almost half as long. :-) She can write all her letters in capitals and lower case. She can read simple books. She can count to a 100 and do some simple adding. I know she is not the smartest girl in the world, however, I think I am not just being a proud parent when I say she is a very smart girl.

She had a great birthday weekend. We spent the weekend at her great grandma's house and went to an Easter celebration after church on Sunday with 55 relatives. We had lunch and Easter egg hunts. One for the babies, 2 and younger, one for the pre-schoolers and one for the rest of us from ages 16 to 87. It was a great time.

So we have a 5 year old, and Ella is only a month and half away from being 3. It will be quite an exciting time to add a third one come October. Yep, we are pregnant again. We are already further along than we were with the last one. Everything is going well this time. We know because Amber is really sick this time.

We will try to get Amber to start her own blog that will post where we are along the way. She loves to watch other people's blogs that show that so hopefully we can get her to do one too. I will be sure to post a link once I talk her into it. Until then, thanks for stopping by. Hope you all had a great Easter too!!


Faith said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl! So, your wife is Scrapping Mom?! I had NO idea!!! I am so glad you guys stopped by and thanks for thinking of me during this time!!!

Greta said...

When are you due????!!!!