Friday, June 09, 2006

Catching up

Wow. It seems like forever since I have been a part of the blogging community. I still read all my regular blog on fairly regular basis. But I usually blog my own comments during down times at work. My new job along with a new part of the buisness we started has made work really busy.

We have had Anna and Ella's parties. Still promise to get those pictures posted as soon as possible.

Softball season has started. Our church has its own team for the time this year. I am the coach for team and we got our first win last night. We play double headers everytime we play and we were 1 and 1 last night. Taking our record to 1 and 3 for the year.

Hope you all are continuing to do well. With kids leaving home, kids on the way, and school years and school all together finishing up.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the pictures:)